A large part of the subject matter of these works has to do with the connection of the body and soul, the physical and spiritual, and how these two interact with each other. If the mind really is something entirely separate from the body, something indivisible and unextended, then how does it interact with our bodies? Descartes theorized that the penial gland in the brain was the locus of exchange between the two, Although I think that he is incorrect the idea of a physical structure of the brain capable of interacting with an entirely different world and vice versa intrigued me. So, I began looking at and experimenting with different medical imaging datasets both from my own body and others to better understand the structures of the body and how they work as well as to better understand where the soul might fit in among the ordered chaos of the body, these images are the results of this exploration. Capillaries, veins, arteries, muscles, white matter, grey matter, flesh and blood perhaps its not one single part of the body that communicates with the soul but all of them on a cellular or atomic level? who's to say? Although I cannot prove that the physical and spiritual interact with one another or if the soul even exists, I can show what it might look like if they did.