issue 01 - utopia credits

in order of appearance:


by Ian h Mosley @ianinstalls

About the artist: Ian Mosely/ Installation Artist and fine art photographer at SCAD, competitively danced for most my younger life and been connected with a creative mindset. Born and Raised in Savannah, Georgia. Born again in Atlanta. Cool fact, I have a fraternal twin.

A collection of works for Meshroom magazines, and a addition of aesthetics to the 'Utopia' Mindset.


COME BACK 2 EARTH - by Imari Poza & Tenny Rudolph


About the piece:

Model: @imaripoza

Photographer: @tennyrudolph


Back 2 Earth. A piece captured by the amazing photographer Tenny Rudolph, is a piece of coming back to earth from hard times and finding yourself in a hard time. 


suburbian stereo - by Julia Vu @anarose_confessions



Ian Mosely @ianinstalls


Ian Mosely @ianinstalls, Julia Vu @anarose_confessions



I Felt Inside of Me - by Sarah K. @eff_ervescent


Toni Geller @they.dies

My take on the idea of utopia.



Dopamine by visualdisco @visualdisco

Toronto-based graphic designer creating art through music.

This piece was inspired by a song of the same name by Mild Minds. Since dopamine plays a large role in how we feel and experience pleasure, to arrive at an idealized place of perfection or utopia, we need to hack into our dopamine levels, boosting the chemical to increase our motivation and self-fulfillment. 


Gem Allison @unattainableblonde

My name is Gem and I'm a Sheffield based multimedia artist who creates  work on the themes of socialism, feminism, bisexuality and kink. I recently finished studying History BA and focused on lgbt history and modern British political history which features heavily in my art. For the theme utopia, I have included work about socialism and wealth redistribution which would make the world a better place. My work also centres nudity to subvert the male gaze in favour of a queer gaze. 


Precious Joy @p.xrvii  



@noormirzarashid, @alessiasciardi


Starlie-Bree @starliebree





@egyptsymone, @chrismardiroussian


@artisymackenzie, @mackbezu


Starlie-Bree @starliebree


Ian Mosely @ianinstalls


Amy Canning 



Ithaca - by Hailin Roche @365tales

Halin Roche is a student of literature from India. She loves to write poetry, doodle, journal, and invests her time in photography. She loves to chase the morning shadows and drink tea.



Maria Koblish @mariakoblish


Green by Alexa Jae Eyler @alexajaephoto
Alexa Jae Eyler, born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, grew up loving music as she was so close to the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll. She is a Concert and fashion photographer. When she was young, she grew a passion for both art and music. Soon she realized she could fuse them together when her friend asked her to photograph their band in high school.



Unwelcome by Dahlia Waller @dahliarue & @dahliadoodlee 

Dahlia Waller, a multidisciplinary artist based in Canada. 

This series is titled "unwelcome" because the viewer is meant to feel unwelcome when viewing this piece. It is about how privacy is something to be desired right now. COVID-19 has forced many to be stuck in their homes with big families, or in situations that don't afford them much privacy, and in some cases all alone. This piece reflects how I felt over quarantine: vulnerable and on the spot. 



Ian Mosely @ianinstalls, Millicent Stott @millicenteve



Emmie & Valerie @dagendream


Dylan Ewing @dylanewingg 


Julia Vu @anarose_confessions


Paul Delaney


'Utopia' poem by Starlie-Bree @starliebree


Starlie gone dark - by Starlie-Bree @starliebree

Starlie-Bree is a small town photographer who photographs images with great imagination. Her photos a meant to spark a sense of wonder in the viewer. Her art is sometimes odd or rather obscure but each work is crafted with deep intention. 


About the collection: Self portraits one in Starlie's home studio. Her inspiration behind these photos was 80s nostalgia. Her makeup and outfit are inspired by her late aunt Wendy who was a self-identified punk in the 80s.



Between Two Worlds & Perpetual Return by Federica Colletti @nonsuperareledosiconsigliate WEBSITE 

About Federica: The Rome-based artist Federica Colletti, majoring in communication and marketing psychology, describes her works as surreal collages created by free associations. Her paradoxical pieces have a dreamlike flavour, born of a multitude of thoughts left free to circulate by pouring into a unique representation. She said “of some of them thoughts, probably, I am not aware either, but it is of relative importance, I like the observer to be able to decide what they mean for him. There is a different meaning for each pair of eyes that observe. However, sometimes I do the reverse process: I start from a concept and realize it in the best possible way”.

In her works there are recurring themes: time, space, illusion, resilience, hope, freedom, research, growth, dreams, subjectivity, nature, change, harmony. Half of the creations are indoors (rooms are often a metaphor for "psychic places") and half outdoors (different meanings). The artist loves the collage technique as it unfolds from pre-existing parts, destructures and then restructures in a different order.

As in life, you do the best you can with what you have.