as submitted by you, our readers

i wish for more of the world to be more open minded spiritually

i want to fall in luv

"I wanna start making more jewelry and clay designs like incense holders and jewelry holders. Maybe take skateboarding farther. A big goal that I have set is fashion. I love to put outfits together etc."

stay sober

my goals for 2021 is to start a clean slate with friends and in general, another goal i have is to spread positivity since i know everyone’s mental health has been not 100% lately i try to be there for people when their going through it but at the same time i also need to worry about my mental health as well so i want to try to make it even.

A career I adore and to be surrounded by phenomenal people.

fall in love with myself

Finally be happy

to emphasize my style and who i am

to get to hug a friend again!

being happy without substances

i want to start journaling but the stuff I want isn't in my country//also wanna get an old camera and take lotssss of photos in forests;(

Heart healing and finding my true self.

Be able to see my friends and loved ones again

literally YOLO and pursue my dreams

writing more!

Push the boundaries with self expression and creativity, build bridges and help others.

manifest my dream life and anything i want

get out of my comfort zone and live life to the fullest